ComplexAbility™ is a system designed for professionals, executives and organizations who care about creating the most effective and powerful relationships possible. In a time where who you know is everything, how you communicate and collaborate becomes even more important. The system's pioneering science, art, and practicality can change the way you build and maintain the most essential relationships of your career, business, organization and life.

Ary Ziv offers a unique and powerful blend of strategic and tactical business consulting for executives and other business people. His practice is grounded in a deep understanding of the psychology at work in human interaction. He uses this knowledge to help his clients navigate challenging situations and recognize broader patterns that may be preventing them form achieving their goals.
— PR Specialist, Los Angeles

Upcoming Sessions

Designing Value Interfaces   Register Here →
May 20th, 2015 12:30pm - 1:30pm: COHOOTs Coworking in Phoenix, AZ

There are tremendous untapped opportunities for designing technology interfaces that are by leaps and bounds more connected to human experiences than most in the mainstream today.  These represent a technology design paradigm shift from “user interfaces” to “value interfaces.”  In this talk, designing for human value experiences will be explored as the basis for both building collaborative interactive technology and achieving market adoption.